How We Test

Dockie is committed to delivering our customers high-quality, reliable, and enjoyable floating foam water mats.

We follow a comprehensive testing process to ensure every Dockie mat meets our stringent standards. Here’s how we do it:

Material Quality and Durability

Material Selection: We start by selecting top-grade, marine-quality closed-cell foam known for its durability, buoyancy, and resistance to water absorption.

Tensile Strength Testing: Each batch of foam undergoes rigorous tensile strength testing to ensure it can withstand significant weight and pressure without tearing or deforming.

UV Resistance: We expose the foam to prolonged UV radiation to test its resistance to sun damage. This ensures that the mats retain their color and integrity even after extensive exposure to sunlight.

Buoyancy and Load Testing

Load Capacity Tests: We simulate various load conditions by placing weighted objects and multiple individuals on the mats. This helps us verify that each mat can comfortably support the advertised weight without compromising stability or buoyancy.

Floatation Tests: Our mats are tested in different water conditions, including calm lakes, rivers with moderate currents, and ocean waves, to ensure they remain stable and buoyant in diverse environments.

Safety and Comfort

Edge and Surface Testing: The mats’ edges and surfaces are checked for smoothness to prevent accidental cuts or abrasions. We also ensure the mats have a slip-resistant texture for safety and comfort.

Non-Toxic Materials: All materials used in the production of Dockie mats are tested for safety and compliance with environmental standards. We ensure they are free from harmful chemicals and safe for prolonged human contact.

Structural Integrity

Layer Bonding Strength: We conduct peel tests for mats with multiple layers to measure the bond strength between layers. This ensures the layers do not separate under stress or prolonged use.

Tear Resistance: Our mats undergo extensive tear resistance testing to withstand rough play, accidental punctures, and regular wear and tear.

Real-World Testing

Field Testing: Finally, we take our mats out for real-world testing. Our team and volunteers use the mats in various real-life scenarios, such as family gatherings, water sports activities, and lounging sessions. Feedback from these tests is crucial for making any final adjustments.

Long-Term Durability: We also conduct long-term tests where mats are left in water for extended periods to monitor their performance and durability.


By subjecting Dockie Floating Foam Water Mats to these rigorous tests, we ensure that every mat we deliver is of the highest quality, providing safety, durability, and endless fun on the water. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every product, giving you the confidence to enjoy your time on the water with peace of mind.