intex river run i sport lounge review
intex river run i sport lounge review

Looking for the perfect companion for your next pool or lake adventure? Look no further than the Intex River Run I Sport Lounge, an inflatable water float that guarantees endless fun and relaxation! With a spacious 53″ diameter circle, this float is designed for comfort and convenience.

The built-in backrest ensures easy cruising, while the mesh bottom keeps you cool even on the hottest days. Plus, this float has it all with a handy grab rope for added ease of use, two heavy-duty handles for stability, and two cup holders for your favorite beverages. Don’t miss out on the ultimate water lounging experience – get the Intex River Run I Sport Lounge today!

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Why Consider This Product?

Are you ready to elevate your pool or lake experience? Look no further than the Intex River Run I Sport Lounge! This inflatable water float is designed to provide you with hours of fun and relaxation. But what sets it apart from other floats on the market? Let us explain why you should consider this product.

The Intex River Run I features a built-in backrest that ensures easy cruising. This means you can relax and enjoy the ride without worrying about discomfort. Additionally, the mesh bottom of the float keeps you cool even on the hottest days. No more sticking to a hot vinyl surface! According to scientific research, staying cool in the water can benefit your overall health and well-being.

But don’t just take our word for it – this product has fantastic customer testimonials. Many users have expressed satisfaction with the Intex River Run I, emphasizing its comfort and durability. Moreover, the float has received certifications and endorsements from industry experts, further enhancing its credibility. So, if you want a water float backed by research and happy customers, look no further than the Intex River Run I Sport Lounge.

Features and Benefits

Easy Cruising with Built-In Backrest

No more struggling to stay in a seated position! The Intex River Run I is designed with a built-in backrest that provides exceptional support and comfort. Whether you want to lay back and relax or have a more active experience, this backrest ensures that your cruising is smooth and enjoyable.

Stay Cool with Mesh Bottom

Say goodbye to uncomfortable and sticky pool floats! The Intex River Run I features a mesh bottom that allows water to flow, keeping you cool and refreshed. This innovative design prevents heat buildup and provides additional support and stability while lounging in the water.

Convenience with Grab Rope and Cup Holders

The all-around grab rope included with the Intex River Run I makes it easy to transport and maneuver. Whether you’re looking to tie it to a dock or drag it to a different spot in the pool, this grab rope simplifies the process. Additionally, with two cup holders, you can keep your favorite beverage within arm’s reach, ensuring maximum relaxation.

Intex River Run I Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float, 53 Diameter

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Get your own Intex River Run I Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float, 53 Diameter today.

Product Quality

When it comes to water floats, quality is paramount. The Intex River Run I is crafted from durable and puncture-resistant materials, ensuring maximum longevity. You can trust that this float will withstand multiple seasons of use without deflating or losing its shape. With heavy-duty handles, you can confidently hold onto the float in the water without worrying about it slipping from your grasp.

What It’s Used For

Ultimate Lounging Experience

The Intex River Run I is perfect for those lazy summer days when you want to relax and soak up the sun. Whether at the pool or the lake, this float provides a comfortable and enjoyable lounging experience. Lay back, close your eyes, and let the gentle waves cradle you as you drift away into relaxation.

Fun and Active Aquatic Adventures

If you’re seeking a more active experience, the Intex River Run I has you covered, too. Its sturdy construction and backrest make it suitable for a fun-filled ride down the river or a friendly water race with friends. The possibilities are endless, and this water float is ready to turn your day at the water into an unforgettable adventure.

Perfect for Any Body of Water

The versatility of the Intex River Run allows you to enjoy it in pools, lakes, and even calm rivers. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry and transport, ensuring you can enjoy your float wherever your water adventures take you. From backyard pool parties to serene lake getaways, this float is a must-have for any water lover.

Great for All Ages

Whether you’re an adult looking for relaxation or a kid excited about water fun, the Intex River Run I caters to all ages. Its spacious 53″ diameter circle provides ample room for adults to lounge comfortably, while the mesh bottom excites children. Get the whole family involved and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Intex River Run I Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float, 53 Diameter

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Product Specifications

Diameter 53 inches
Material Vinyl
Weight Capacity 220 pounds
Handles Two heavy-duty
Cup Holders 2

Who Needs This

If you enjoy spending time in the water, whether it’s lounging or engaging in adventurous activities, the Intex River Run I Sport Lounge is a must-have. This water float caters to a wide range of age groups and is perfect for individuals, couples, families, and friends looking to enhance their water experiences. Whether a casual swimmer or a water enthusiast, this float will elevate your enjoyment.

Pros and Cons


  • Built-in backrest for easy cruising
  • Mesh bottom keeps you cool and comfortable
  • Durable and puncture-resistant materials
  • Convenient grab rope for easy transportation
  • Two cup holders for your favorite beverages
  • Suitable for all ages and water environments


  • It may not be suitable for rough river conditions
  • Limited weight capacity of 220 pounds


  1. Is the Intex River Run suitable for saltwater use?
    • Yes, the float is designed for fresh and saltwater environments.
  2. Can the float be inflated with an air pump?
    • Absolutely! An air pump can be used to inflate the float quickly and effortlessly.
  3. Does the Intex River Run come with a repair patch?
    • Yes, the product includes a repair patch in case of any accidental punctures or tears.

What Customers Are Saying

  • “We love our Intex River Run I! It’s so comfortable and perfect for lazy days at the lake.”
  • “The mesh bottom is a game-changer! I can stay cool and relaxed even in the scorching summer heat.”
  • “This float is incredibly durable. We’ve used it for two summers, and it still looks brand new.”

Overall Value

The Intex River Run I Sport Lounge offers incredible value for its price. This water float is a worthwhile investment with its comfortable design, durable construction, and versatile usage. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure, this float has it all. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your water experiences with the Intex River Run I.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  • Always ensure that the float is correctly inflated before use.
  • Avoid sharp objects and rough surfaces that could potentially puncture the float.
  • Rinse the float with fresh water after each use to prevent the buildup of dirt or debris.
  • Store the float in a cool, dry place when not in use to prolong its lifespan.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The Intex River Run I Sport Lounge is a top-notch inflatable water float that guarantees comfort, durability, and fun. Its built-in backrest, mesh bottom, and convenient features such as cup holders and grab rope make it a standout choice among water enthusiasts. Whether you want to relax or engage in thrilling water adventures, this float caters to your needs.

Final Recommendation

In conclusion, we highly recommend the Intex River Run I Sport Lounge to anyone seeking a high-quality water float. Its exceptional features, durable construction, and positive customer reviews make it a fantastic investment. Prepare yourself for endless enjoyment as you float on this versatile, comfortable water companion. Upgrade your water experiences today with the Intex River Run I!

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