shoreline marine electronics caddy 1
shoreline marine electronics caddy 1

At Shoreline Marine Electronics, we’re excited to introduce our latest innovation – the Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy. Designed with boating enthusiasts in mind, our caddy is a convenient and practical solution for organizing all your electronic gadgets while out at sea. With multiple compartments and adjustable dividers, you can easily store and access your fishfinder, GPS, marine radio, and more, keeping everything within reach and safeguarded from the elements. Say goodbye to tangled wires and cluttered consoles, and experience a seamless boating experience with the Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy.

Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy

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Why Consider This Product?

We believe that the Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy is an excellent option for anyone who enjoys boating or fishing. This innovative and functional product is designed to keep your electronics organized and secure while out on the water. With its durable construction and convenient features, this caddy offers a range of benefits that make it a worthwhile investment.

Research has shown that proper organization and protection of electronics can significantly extend their lifespan. The Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy provides a safe and secure storage solution, protecting your valuable devices from water damage, impacts, and other potential hazards. Its sleek design also ensures that your electronics are easily accessible during your outdoor adventures.

Certified by boating and fishing experts, the Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy has gained recognition for its effectiveness and reliability. It has received numerous endorsements and positive testimonials from satisfied customers who have found it to be an invaluable addition to their boating equipment. So if you’re someone who values quality, practicality, and the longevity of your electronics, this product is definitely worth considering.

Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy

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Features and Benefits

Easy Installation and Versatile Placement

The Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy boasts a hassle-free installation process, allowing you to mount it on various surfaces such as boat consoles, kayak wells, or even fishing rod holders. Its adjustable straps and reinforced mounting brackets ensure a secure fit and enable flexibility in positioning.

Rugged Waterproof Construction

Built to withstand the harsh marine environment, this caddy features a rugged, waterproof case that shields your electronics from water, moisture, and dust. Its durable construction also protects against accidental bumps and impacts, keeping your gear safe and functioning optimally.

Ample Storage Space and Organization

With multiple compartments and elastic straps inside the caddy, you’ll have no trouble organizing your electronics and accessories. The spacious interior provides ample room for items such as fishfinders, GPS devices, radios, smartphones, and more. Say goodbye to tangled cords and cluttered storage areas – the Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy keeps everything neat and easily accessible.

Quick Access and Secure Closure

The caddy is designed with a convenient front flap that allows quick access to your electronics. It features a secure Velcro closure system, preventing any accidental slips or openings while you’re on the move. You can confidently navigate the waters knowing that your devices are safely stored and protected.

Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy

Discover more about the Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy.

Product Quality

At Shoreline Marine, we prioritize product quality and craftsmanship. The Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy is meticulously constructed using premium materials that meet rigorous industry standards. Its durability ensures long-lasting performance, even in the harshest boating conditions.

We understand the importance of reliability when it comes to marine electronics. That’s why our caddy undergoes thorough quality control checks to ensure that it consistently meets our high standards. We take pride in delivering a product that you can trust to protect your valuable equipment.

What It’s Used For

Convenient Storage Solution for Electronics

The Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy is primarily used for storing and organizing various electronics and accessories commonly used in boating and fishing activities. It provides a dedicated space for devices such as fishfinders, GPS units, radios, smartphones, and more. With its versatile mounting options, this caddy can be easily installed on boats, kayaks, or even carried on land.

Protection and Safety while Boating

One of the main purposes of the caddy is to protect your electronics from potentially damaging elements. Whether you’re cruising on a boat, kayak, or engaging in other water activities, this caddy keeps your devices safe from water, impacts, and other hazards. By securely storing your electronics, you can enjoy your time on the water with peace of mind.

Easy Accessibility and Convenience

The Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy allows for easy access to your electronics, ensuring that they’re within reach whenever you need them. No more rummaging through bags or struggling with disorganized storage compartments. With the caddy’s functional design, your devices are conveniently located and ready to use whenever you need them.

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

By keeping your electronics organized and protected, the caddy enhances your overall boating or fishing experience. You’ll spend less time searching for equipment and more time enjoying your favorite activities. The caddy’s design optimizes efficiency, allowing you to focus on what matters most – having fun on the water.

Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy

Product Specifications

Material High-grade molded plastic
Dimensions 10.5″ (L) x 8″ (W) x 4.5″ (H)
Weight 1.2 lbs
Mounting options Boat consoles, kayak wells, fishing rod holders
Waterproof Yes
Closure Velcro
Color options Black, white, or transparent

Who Needs This

The Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy is a must-have for boaters, anglers, and water sports enthusiasts of all skill levels. Whether you’re a casual weekend adventurer or a seasoned professional, this caddy offers the convenience, protection, and organization necessary for a successful outing.

If you frequently use electronics such as fishfinders, GPS devices, or radios during your water activities, the Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy is an essential accessory. It ensures your gear is stored safely and within reach, allowing you to maximize your time on the water.

Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy

Pros and Cons


  • Easy installation and versatile mounting options provide flexibility in placement.
  • Rugged, waterproof construction protects electronics from water, impacts, and dust.
  • Ample storage space and organization compartments keep devices and accessories neatly organized.
  • Quick access and secure closure prevent accidental slips or openings.
  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship ensure durability and longevity.


  • May not accommodate larger electronics or multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Mounting options may require additional accessories or modifications for certain applications.
  • Limited color options available.


Q: Can the caddy accommodate larger electronics, such as tablets or laptops?

A: The Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy is designed to accommodate smaller electronics commonly used in boating and fishing activities. It may not be suitable for larger devices such as tablets or laptops.

Q: Is the caddy compatible with all boat consoles and kayak wells?

A: The caddy features adjustable straps and reinforced mounting brackets, allowing for versatile installation on most boat consoles, kayak wells, and fishing rod holders. However, it’s recommended to verify compatibility with your specific watercraft.

Q: Can the caddy be used on land or only in water activities?

A: While the caddy is primarily designed for water activities, it can also be used on land. Its versatile mounting options and sturdy construction make it a practical storage solution for various outdoor pursuits.

Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy

What Customers Are Saying

Our customers have expressed their satisfaction with the Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy. They appreciate its durable construction, ease of installation, and the peace of mind it provides. Here’s what some of our customers are saying:

  • “The Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy has been a game-changer for me. I no longer worry about my electronics getting wet or damaged, and everything is so much more organized!” – Mike S.
  • “I love how easy it is to install the caddy on my boat console. It keeps my fishfinder secure and accessible, making my fishing trips much more enjoyable.” – Sarah L.
  • “The quality of this caddy is impressive. It’s built to last, and I appreciate the attention to detail in its design. I highly recommend it to any boater or angler.” – John D.

Overall Value

Considering its functionality, durability, and the peace of mind it offers, the Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy provides excellent value for anyone who relies on electronics during their water activities. Its affordable price point, combined with the additional lifespan it can provide for your electronics, makes it a worthwhile investment.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To ensure the best results when using the Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy, we recommend the following tips and tricks:

  • Install the caddy securely using the provided straps and reinforced mounting brackets to prevent any movement or shifting during your water activities.
  • Utilize the elastic straps and compartments inside the caddy to keep your electronics and accessories organized and tangle-free.
  • Always confirm that the caddy’s closure is securely fastened before heading out on the water to avoid accidental openings.
  • Regularly clean and inspect the caddy to remove any dirt, debris, or salt residue that may accumulate over time, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

In summary, the Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy is an essential accessory for boaters, anglers, and water sports enthusiasts. With its easy installation, rugged construction, and ample storage space, this caddy provides a convenient storage solution for your electronics. It keeps them organized, protected, and easily accessible during your adventures on the water.

Final Recommendation

We highly recommend the Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy for anyone looking to improve their boating or fishing experience. Its durable design, versatility, and functionality make it a valuable investment. Don’t let disorganized gear and potential damage to your electronics hinder your outdoor pursuits – choose the Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy and enjoy a hassle-free and enjoyable time on the water.

Learn more about the Shoreline Marine Electronics Caddy here.

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